Strummolo installs a gizmo for a mumble-based streaming radio
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This script installs and configures a gizmo for a mumble-based radio

what is this?

strummolo is a script made by nerds for nerds.
It should work flawlessly on Debian Buster systems, but considering that it installs packages, users and so on, you should install it into an isolated environment such a dedicated server (physical or virtual) or such an LXC container.

how it works?

strummolo is a bash script, you can easily modify it to fit your needs.
You have to modify the configuration files, otherwise it won't work.

Steps to deploy strummolo

  1. clone the repository (or download the tarball and extract it)
  2. run ./ -i and wait for the error :D
  3. enjoy

why this name?

The strummolo is a neapolitan name for the spinning top, an old game, which by now is almost no longer played. (source: Wikipedia)
It's origin is a crasis of terms streaming and mumble: it should was been strumble but for a phonetic affinity it became strummolo.